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Life is good.....

...and we want it to stay that way

.especially when we are no longer there to provide.

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Life is filled with necessities and we do our best for those we love for as long as we can. But what happens when we can no longer work or earn enough to provide for even their basic needs?

This is a question we most often prefer to put off answering, but seriously need to.

Planning NOW to safeguard the family's FUTURE is what Insurance is all about. Let's talk.

For over 100 years

INSURANCE COVERAGE has been helping people create and protect the life they’ve imagined for themselves. I’m thrilled to be part of that history, but I’m more excited about the future.


The way I see it, my responsibility to you goes far beyond your financial lifestyle protection.


I want to help you find the balance in your life that you’re aiming for. I think of it as your wellness – and providing peace of mind is central to everything I want to do for you. I want you to move toward your retirement years with a healthy balance sheet, and a healthy heart to match.


Insurance is over 100 years strong, but what’s most important is what it can do for you now. Don’t wait. Contact me so I can help you pursue your goals to live well.

My Services include Life Insurance With Living Benefits. Children's College Funds. Financial Planning. Estate Planning. Retirement Planning. Mortgage Protection. Final Expense.

With access to over 200 Insurance Companies I can offer you a Financial Plan that is precisely created to fit YOUR current and future needs.

When it comes to preparing for the future, there's no time like the present!



Charles Persaud.


Florida Lic # W633617Issued: 03/04/2020

Call or text me directly at 347 593 7461

 I’m a financial professional and I empower people to feel better about their future.

Life Insurance Coverage

The RIGHT plan to cover the SPECIFIC needs

Living Benefits


For Life's necessities


Provide for the Autumn of your days

Mortgage Protection

Leave your family a home - not a Huge Debt.

Final Expenses

Remove the burden of Funeral, medical and legal expenses from your survivors.

Request Information

Financial Needs Can Differ

It’s important to examine your needs at least every two years and when big changes occur like graduation, buying a home, marriage, a birth, a career change and entering retirement.

Put your financial wellness strategy in place by setting goals, gathering facts, discussing a strategy, implementing that strategy, and having a periodic review of your needs.

Create A Strategy For Success - remember, Financial Planning today makes your Future Brighter!

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347 593 7461

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