Georgetown Guyana

Here's a video of a walk along one of the many streets of Georgetown Guyana (this is a country in South America).

While it might be a little known location, a lot has been happening here in recent times.

Guyana entered the Guiness Book ow Records for the longest period between a National Election and the declaration of results/installing of a New Government - as of July 21/2020, it has been 141 days since the elections!

Some infamy surely and a whole lot of attention from no less than the US Secretary of State who has declared that certain members of the current government and their close family members have had their US visas retracted as a direct result of this elections fiasco.

Guyana is also where some very large and valuable oil deposits are ready to be developed by some big name companies and as can be well expected, the current political situation

Despite all this, I still, as a Guyanese myself find pleasure in my memories of my hometown and wish to share this with you; I hope you find some interest in viewing this video, produced by a very brave and smart individual, Raphael.

Do visit his channel, where you will find many more such videos.


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