Grow Your Business in Tough Times!

Updated: Jul 3

Here's a look at 13 massive companies born out of recessions:

  • General Electric. Year Launched: 1892. 2019 Revenue: $95.2 Billion. ...

  • General Motors. Year Launched: 1908. ...

  • IBM. Year Launched: 1911. ...

  • Disney. Year Launched: 1929. ...

  • HP. Year Launched: 1939. ...

  • Hyatt. Year Launched: 1957. ...

  • Trader Joe's. Year Launched: 1958. ...

  • FedEx. Year Launched: 1971.

These Companies all were started in some of the toughest times in the history of our country and sure enough they were started up as SMALL Businesses and they grew!

The challenges that face our Small Business Owners in the current environment are indeed very powerful, but the human spirit that keeps us moving ever forward will do just that! Us Small Business Owners began with a dream, in some cases a vague idea of what we wanted to achieve and with a little help from friends a family, we made something of it.

in other cases, we began with high hopes and grandiose schemes, that were sometimes shattered by reality, and still we grew!

Covid19 has shuttered some businesses and shattered some dreams, but we do have to allow that indomitable spirit that resides in each of us to force us into doing what might seem to be impossible - starting to rebuild our businesses!

And I know it - I've been there.

Broward Business Digest is an offspring of Queens Digest LLC which I started in Queens New York back in 2009. With a copy of a Penny Saver magazine and one of a glossy Real Estate magazine, I boldly walked into business places and asked to speak with the owner. When I did meet him or her, I explained that I was starting a magazine that would advertise and promote his business for a very low cost compared to what was currently available.

I did it!

I sold the idea, designed the ads and the magazine layout (sadly using Microsoft Publisher but afterwards thankfully graduating to Adobe In Design), found free editorial content online , researched and created articles of local interest and got my first edition of The Queens Digest published! (oh, it looked nothing like thie one at the left - it was awful!)

I picked up the magazines from the printers and distributed them myself - I couldn't pay for help.

Over the years I got good support from the Business Community in Richmond Hill and Jamaica and am forever grateful to all of those that supported me.

I believed in my dream and wanted to make it happen and this is the same for every one of us that owns a Business or wants to do so. The Queens Digest has now arrived in Fort Lauderdale as The Broward Business Digest.

Broward Business Digest/ is here to help Local Business Owners grow by offering advertising services at very affordable rates. These services range from simple online banners to complete low cost websites. Contact us at 347 593 7461 or

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